Tag: Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit Ezviz BS-113A

Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit Ezviz BS-113A

Ezviz Alarm Starter Kit Ezviz BS-113A

The A1 Alarm Starter Kit is ideal for protecting your home.
A wireless system that uses WiFi to detect and alert you to the presence of intruders in real time: directly to your smartphone thanks to the Ezviz app.

Great technology and design, extremely easy to install: scan the QR code and follow the voice guidance. Check up on your home and manage your system from a single app.
The small C2mini video camera can also be integrated into the system.

The A1 Alarm Starter Kit consists of a compact hub, an infrared presence detector (excluding animals up to 25 kg), a position detector (door and window opening/closing) and a security remote control for use from a distance.
The alarm system includes other accessories such as smoke detectors, alarm sirens and internal and external video cameras.

– Up to 32 wireless detectors
– WiFi configuration, with multilingual voice guidance
– Hub dimensions: mm. Weight: 136 g
– T1 Pet Immune detector: does not detect domestic animals
– T1 detector range up to 1212 m
– Motion function to detect movement
– T6 Door and Window Opening/Closing detector
– Voice guidance for help with system configuration
– Connected to the C2mini Video Camera it allows for immediate audio and video verification of an ongoing alert